cPanel is an easy to use control panel to manage domains, databases, email accounts and anything related to your hosting account. It has an user-friendly graphical interface, so you do not need to have any previous experience to use it.

WHM (Web Host Manager) is used to administer several functions related to your VPS like configuring PHP, Apache and many more.

cPanel and WHM are included for free with every managed VPS and managed dedicted server.

How to access cPanel



(replace IP-ADDRESS with the actual IP address of your VPS.)


How to access WHM



(replace IP-ADDRESS with the actual IP address of your VPS.)

cPanel Features



cPanel Manage Domains

Manage Domains

- Add Domains
- Add Subdomains
- Park Domains
- DNS Editor
- Redirects


cPanel Manage Databases

Manage Databases

- phpMyAdmin
- Add Databases
- Modify Database users
- Modify Permissions
- Backup Databases


Money Back Guarantee

Manage Email Accounts

- Create Unlimited Email Accounts
- Assign storage limit to each email account
- Modify Email Accunts
- Setup Forwarders
- Setup Autoresponders







cPanel Manage Domains

Manage Files

- File Manager
- Online File Editor
- View Disk Usage Details
- Web Disk
- Download Backup


cPanel Manage Domains

View Statistics

- Visitor History
- Raw Access Logs
- Error Logs
- Awstats
- Bandwidth Usage Details


cPanel Manage Domains

Security Settings

- Modify SSH Access
- Hotlink Protection
- IP Address Blocker
- Leech Protection






cPanel Demo

(Click the above link for a demo of cPanel.)


WHM Demo

(Click the above link for a demo of WHM.)

We offer fully managed and scalable solutions. Select the hosting package that fits your needs.

Web Hosting

Ideal for small websites.

$1.99 /mo


Managed VPS

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$33 /mo


Managed Dedicated Server

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$149 /mo

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