Managed VPS DDoS Protection

5Gbps/10M PPS Protection

DDoS protection (upto 5Gbps) is included with every DDoS protected managed KVM VPS.

Managed VPS Support

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 ticket support. The average response time to support tickets is 30 minutes.

Managed VPS Network Uptime Guarantee

99.9% Uptime

We offer 99.9% network uptime on all virtual servers.



DDoS Protected Managed KVM VPS (Direct in-line Mitigation)

tmzVPS DDoS Protected VPS - Managed DDoS Protection





  CPU Cores 2 3 4 5  
  RAID10 Disk Space 100 GB 200 GB 300 GB 400 GB  
  RAM 2 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB  
  Bandwidth 4,000 GB 6,000 GB 8.000 GB 10,000 GB  
  Free IP Addresses 1 1 1 1  
  cPanel/WHM Free Free Free Free  
  Full Management Included Included Included Included  
  Free SSL Certificate^ - - Included Included  
    Order KDM-2G Order KDM-4G Order KDM-6G Order KDM-8G  
  Pricing Options          
  Annually $37 /mo $57 /mo $79 /mo $101 /mo  
  Semi-annually $38 /mo $58 /mo $80 /mo $102 /mo  
  Quarterly $39 /mo $59 /mo $81 /mo $103 /mo  
  Monthly $41 /mo $61 /mo $83 /mo $105 /mo  
    Order KDM-2G Order KDM-4G Order KDM-6G Order KDM-8G  

^One free PositiveSSL certificate per VPS (KDM-6G and KDM-8G only). When you cancel a VPS the SSL certificate associated with it will be revoked.


tmzVPS DDoS Protection Hosting

Enterprise Class DDoS Protection

Features available with every DDoS protected managed VPS

•   Faster than the competition - Direct in-line attack mitigation
•   More protection than the competition - 5Gbps / 10 Million packets per second
•   Multiple layers of filtering, including network layers (4-7)

Our DDoS protection is inline unlike Reverse Proxy mechanism used by some providers. With reverse proxy the traffic gets redirected to another location first and hence it adds latency to the network.

However with our direct in-line attack mitigation you can enjoy the benefits of enterprise class DDoS protection without compromising on the network speed of your VPS.


RAID10 Hard Disk

RAID 10 (SSD Cached)

We utilise high performance RAID10 arrays with SSD caching on our VPS servers. Thanks to our cutting edge technology we are able to offer superior service quality.

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

Every VPS is setup instantly upon payment verification. Please make sure to provide a valid hostname during checkout to take benefit of the instant setup offer.

Free with every VPS

Free cPanel/WHM

Free Website Migration

Free Domain Reseller Account

Full Management

Security Shield

› Free SSL Certificate^



Full root Access

Full root Access

We offer full management with every managed VPS. Still we provide full root access with every managed VPS so that you can have total control of your VPS should you wish to customise anything.

Host Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

You can host unlimited domains and sub-domains on your VPS. You can also create unlimited email accounts, FTP users and databases. There is no limit on the size of a database you can host.

Happy Customers

"Support: Though I didn't have to use much of it..about 8-10 tickets in the last 6 months, the average response time was about 15-20 minutes."

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SolusVM Control Panel

SolusVM Screenshot
• Change root Password
• Change Hostname
• Enable TUN/TAP or PPP
• Reboot VPS
• Reinstall VPS
• Get instant login notifications
• View VPS Usage Statistics

Learn more about SolusVM VPS Control Panel »


Additional IP Addresses
$2/month each
Bandwidth Upgrade
$10/month per 1000 GB

Hardware Upgrade
RAM: $10/month per GB
CPU: $15/month per core
HDD: Upgrade plan (Upgrading the disk space might require a re-installation.)

Software Licences
WHMCS: $9/month
WHMCS No-Branding: $11/month
CloudLinux: $12/month

Softaculous: $1/month

› Proactive Monitoring ($2/mo)

tmzVPS Managed VPS Hosting Network

Premium Network & Datacenter

Features available with every VPS:

•   1000 Mbps uplink with a guaranteed speed of 100 Mbps
•   Fully redundant network with no single point of failure
•   Multiple layers of network security
•   Multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers (AboveNet, Global Crossing, Level(3))

Our data centers are top of the line in all aspects. With multiple UPS systems, backup generators, and enough Diesel fuel to last a full week, we can be confident that our servers will never lose power, even when the grid goes black.

Find more information on our datacenters »

Enterprise Hardware

We utilise premium enterprise grade hardware for all of our VPS nodes which helps us to maintain high uptime.

A typical DDoS protected hardware node has the following specifications:
•   Dual Quad-core/Hexa-core CPU
•   64 GB of DDR3/DDR4 RAM
•   Hardware RAID10
•   1 Gbps Network Port

Premium Server Hardware

Install 348+ scripts in a click!

You can install more than 348 scripts in just a click. Select Softaculous addon during checkout.

We will install it for free on your VPS.
It costs only $1/month.

Learn more about Softaculous »

We offer fully managed and scalable solutions. Select the hosting package that fits your needs.

Web Hosting

Ideal for small websites.

$1.99 /mo


Managed VPS

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$33 /mo


Managed Dedicated Server

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$149 /mo

Confused? Please contact sales anytime for free consultation.

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