We offer fully managed VPS hosting at prices other companies offer unmanaged plans.

Our full management is a good fit for small businesses and busy professionals who do not want to deal with maintaining their own server.


Network and Hardware Coverage

Physical hardware/network monitoring and maintenance are included with all plans, both managed and unmanaged. We will ensure that your VPS or dedicated server is always online.


Management Coverage (for managed VPS and servers)

The following services are included for free with every managed VPS and managed dedicated server.


  • (1) cPanel/WHM
    • – Initial installation
    • – Initial service optimization
    • – Version upgrade/downgrade (EDGE build is not supported)
    • – Repair
    • – Licensing issues
    • – Troubleshooting of cPanel/WHM related issues

  • (2) Mail Services
    • – Upgrade/reinstall exim MTA
    • – Upgrade/reinstall courier-imap POP3 and IMAP service
    • – Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall SpamAssassin
    • – Install/upgrade/reinstall/uninstall ClamAV antivirus
    • – Troubleshooting of mail delivery problems (problems caused by 3rd party mail scanning, filtering, products are not supported, custom delivery rules or ACLs are not supported)
    • – Troubleshooting of standard Horde/IMP and Squirrelmail webmail clients

  • (3) Web Services
    • – Apache web server recompilation
    • – PHP upgrade or recompilation with additional options/modules directly supported by cPanel's easyapache script
    • – PHP configuration modification
    • – IonCube installation/removal/upgrade
    • – Zend Optimizer installation/removal/upgrade
    • – eAccelerator installation/removal/upgrade
    • – Troubleshooting of Apache/PHP installation and/or configuration (custom Apache configuration or modules are not supported)

  • (4) MySQL Server
    • – Upgrade MySQL version
    • – Repair MySQL installation
    • – Repair/optimize MySQL databases
    • – Troubleshooting of MySQL startup or connectivity issues

  • (5) Nameserver Issues
    • – Repair/reinstall named
    • – Troubleshooting of configuration errors

  • (6) FTP service
    • – Upgrade/reinstall proftpd or pure-ftpd FTP server
    • – Switch between pure-ftpd and proftpd
    • – Troubleshooting of configuration issues (custom configuration rules or custom FTP server modules are not supported)


cPanel/WHM is included for free with every managed VPS and managed dedicated server. To enjoy our free management services you must be using cPanel/WHM on your VPS or dedicated server. cPanel is an easy to use control panel loved by millions for the simplicity.


Not in the list?

The above list is not completely exhaustive. It is a list of the most commonly encountered problems. If you need something that is not mentioned above please contact sales. It is possible that your request can be included for free; or else you can pay a small fee of $15/hour if it is not included in our free maagement domain.

We offer fully managed and scalable solutions. Select the hosting package that fits your needs.

Web Hosting

Ideal for small websites.

$1.99 /mo


Managed VPS

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$33 /mo


Managed Dedicated Server

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$149 /mo

Confused? Please contact sales anytime for free consultation.