As your business or site use grows, so does your server.



We offer on-the-fly fully automated scalability for OpenVZ VPS customers. Need more RAM, more disk space or more CPU power? You can upgrade (or downgrade) the VPS plan at any time, hassle and contract free.

(Individual upgrades of RAM or disk space is not available for OpenVZ VPS however the entire package can be upgraded instantly without any downtime. For example, you can upgrade your VPS plan from VM-2G to VM-4G instantly and enjoy the higher resources. You will have to pay the difference in price only.)



For KVM virtualization customers we offer individual upgrades of RAM, bandwidth and CPU. To get more disk space you would have to upgrade the plan. Upgrading/downgrading disk space might require a re-installation, however other changes (RAM, CPU, etc) would require a reboot.

If you have a question on this or anything please do not hesitate to contact sales.

We offer fully managed and scalable solutions. Select the hosting package that fits your needs.

Web Hosting

Ideal for small websites.

$1.99 /mo


Managed VPS

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$33 /mo


Managed Dedicated Server

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$149 /mo

Confused? Please contact sales anytime for free consultation.

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