Security Shield is tmzVPS' managed security service offered for free to all managed VPS and managed dedicated server customers.

Using some of the most popular and proven security software solutions tmzVPS is able to keep the bad guys of the internet outside (hackers, viruses, malware, and the dreaded alien invaders).

Security Shield starts by optimizing the underlying Linux networking configuration to maximize throughput. We then fortify the network configuration to deal with common annoyance attacks and improper packet flows. Finally we install a proper firewall (CSF) and its robust suite of accompanying scripts.

The Security Shield service continues running for the life of your VPS service and gets updated regularly with shared blacklists. It also blocks malicious traffic targeted directly at your server.


A few of the things that we do

    • – Operating System Hardening
    • – SSH Hardening
    • – Apache Web Server Hardening
    • – DNS Hardening
    • – FTP Hardening
    • – Brute Force Protection
      – CSF Firewall Protection
      – Malware Scanning
      – Antivirus Protection

Download PDF: VPS Hosting Security Tips

We offer fully managed and scalable solutions. Select the hosting package that fits your needs.

Web Hosting

Ideal for small websites.

$1.99 /mo


Managed VPS

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$33 /mo


Managed Dedicated Server

Includes free cPanel/WHM and management.

$149 /mo

Confused? Please contact sales anytime for free consultation.

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